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GmCat Lore

Origin Store
Arising from the caffeine filled mornings from all around the world, the internet's most cute and furry friend was born. GmCat. Her birthday was March 5th 2024. She was created and stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to live on forever! GmCat has come to spread love, kindness, and greeting to all Web3 users alike! Created with care, GmCat is a meme, memecoin, greeting coin, and a cat coin. Her parents are Catsky AI (Infinity Mint), and Snek (Snekx). And living on the the IPFS, her original intellectual property is intrinsically decentralized, in a truly Web3 way. GmCat is part feline and part snek!
A Cat with Coffee Mug Saying "GM".

Likes and Interests
Being part Cat, and part Snek, GmCat loves to stay on the move! She likes to pounce and slither her way into new wallets and into the hands of new Web3 users. She's a cute, friendly cat; spreading love and kindness on chain in Web3! 

The Mission
GmCat is on a mission to spread love, kindness, and greetings to everyone!
She is on a mission to increase Web3 adoption and help introduce the world to blockchain! 

Joining the GmCat Discord server, is a great way to connect, grow, and learn more!
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